Where to go to the sea in Aci Trezza

Where to go to the sea in Aci Trezza

Today, Aci Trezza is primarily a beautiful seaside resort and summer tourist destination just a stone’s throw away from Catania and Acireale, with which it shares enchanting sea views and one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Sicily, stretching for over sixty kilometers with sandy beaches and cliffs of volcanic rock.

For those who love to explore fascinating places rich in hidden treasures, the coves and cliffs of volcanic rock along the Riviera dei Ciclopi, from Aci Castello to Pozzillo, offer marvelous seabeds teeming with marine life and breathtaking views.

The beach of Aci Trezza, a hamlet of the municipality of Aci Castello made famous by Giovanni Verga’s novel “I Malavoglia,” is located on the eastern coast of Sicily, 16 km from Catania. It is composed of black pebbles and gravel of volcanic origin, which makes it very distinctive. The dark color of its rocks further highlights the clarity and beauty of the waters that bathe them.

In some areas of the cliff, there are large walkways where you can comfortably lie down to sunbathe. Nearby, there are bars, restaurants, and facilities that offer equipment rental and boat rentals. This stretch of sea is rich in rocky formations and marine biodiversity, a true paradise for diving enthusiasts. Offshore, it is also possible to observe the typical sea stacks, called the Cyclops stacks.

Aci Trezza indeed represents the heart of the Cyclops Riviera, also known as the Lemon Riviera, which also includes Aci Castello, Santa Tecla, Stazzo and Pozzillo. According to myth, the sea stacks rising in front of the village of Aci Trezza were thrown into the sea by the Cyclops Polyphemus against Odysseus’ fleeing ships. Thanks to the rich marine biodiversity that characterizes these waters, the Cyclops Islands Marine Protected Area was established, extending from the stretch of sea in front of Aci Trezza to Capo Mulini and Punta Aguzza.

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