What to see in Aci Trezza in a weekend

What to see in Aci Trezza in a weekend

Aci Trezza is a small fishing village overlooking the Ionian Sea, facing the archipelago of the Cyclops Islands. Thanks to its breathtaking views of the sea stacks – mighty volcanic rocks – and the tales of Giovanni Verga, who set his work ‘I Malavoglia’ here, it has become a tourist destination of great interest for those visiting Eastern Sicily.

What are the major attractions not to be missed if you decide to spend a weekend in Aci Trezza? Here are some suggestions for spending two pleasant days full of leisure and relaxation.

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The first must-visit stop is the Marine Protected Area of the Cyclops Islands, a small natural paradise where you can go hiking, swimming, sunbathing, diving, and snorkeling. We also recommend a visit to the Visitor Center of the Marine Protected Area, where you will be provided with useful information for your stay. Here, you can book guided tours, receive informational materials, and obtain permits necessary to fully enjoy every experience (such as permits for recreational fishing, authorizations for renting and leasing naval units, permits for professional fishing, individual diving permits, and permits for collective transportation).

As a second stop, you shouldn’t miss the Museo Casa del Nespolo (House of the Medlar Tree Museum), located inside a small typical Sicilian house accessed through a stone arch leading to a garden and two rooms: one dedicated to “La terra trema,” Visconti’s film; the other room collects vintage objects belonging to fishermen. It is said that it is here where Verga set his famous novel.

Certainly, one of the most characteristic attractions is the Isola Lachea, mentioned in the IX book of the Odyssey with the name “Isola delle Capre di Omero” (Homer’s Island of the Goats), which along with its sea stacks forms the so-called Archipelago of the Cyclops. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by mysterious and wild nature, and you can dive into crystal-clear waters to admire a fascinating seabed.

Fishing is so rooted in the local culture that, just a few steps from the Casa del Nespolo, a recreational center for fishermen has also been opened, housing a vast photographic archive. Outside the building, you can admire a high relief by the artist Mimmo Lazzaro depicting a scene from “I Malavoglia”.

Aci Castello: a breathtaking location just a stone’s throw from Aci Trezza.

Just over 2 km from Aci Trezza lies Aci Castello, an ancient fishing village where you can visit a Norman Castle perched on a promontory of lava rock overlooking the sea, its main attraction. Inside, a small civic museum displays historical and archaeological artifacts.

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