What is the name of the Faraglioni of Aci Trezza?

What is the name of the Faraglioni of Aci Trezza?

The faraglioni are small rocky formations that rise solitary in the middle of the sea.

One of the most famous examples along the Italian coasts is found in the seaside village of Aci Trezza, in the province of Catania, produced by the earliest volcanic activities of Mount Etna more than five hundred thousand years ago.

The beauty of the Aci Trezza Faraglioni has been a source of inspiration for the great verismo novel “I Malavoglia” by Giovanni Verga and the film “La Terra trema” by Luchino Visconti. It’s also the setting for one of the most famous scenes in Greek mythology, namely the ill-fated encounter between Odysseus and the Cyclops Polyphemus.

To preserve the purity of the splendid emerald-colored waters, it was declared a Marine Protected Area in 1989.

It is possible to visit the archipelago of the Cyclops Islands with small boats guided by the skilled hands of the locals, and you can see up close:

  • Lachea Island
  • Great Faraglione
  • Medium Faraglione
  • Small Faraglione (also known as Degli Uccelli – of the Birds)
  • The Four Rocks

Lachea Island

Despite being a small island, it contains an extraordinary amount of naturalistic, geological, and archaeological elements preserved within the Island Museum. Additionally, there is a building serving as a marine biology center for the University of Catania.

Great Faraglione

Also known as the Faraglione of Santa Maria, it is possible to walk along the long staircase to admire up close the statue of the Virgin of Sarino Piazza, the patron saint of fishermen.

Medium and Small Faraglione

Unlike the large sea stack, they have not been altered by humans and offer suggestive perspectives from which to photograph the mainland and beyond.

The Four rocks

Smaller in size compared to the previous faraglioni, they are arranged in a circular shape and bear names that recall the local folklore tradition.

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