Discovering the Beauties of Sicily

Discovering the Beauties of Sicily

During your stay at the Grand Hotel Faraglioni, you can entertain yourself with numerous activities designed specifically to make your stay even more enticing. For anything you need, just turn to us; we will be happy to explain every detail worthy of attention and offer you noteworthy tourist routes to make the most of your experience in Sicily. Here’s a preview of the tours we consider most intriguing.

Let’s start with a boat tour

The first experience we suggest is a boat tour, a suitable option even for those who are wary of the sea. You’ll be in the hands of a friendly and helpful crew who will guide you on a well-organized tour, including a presentation of all the sights visible from the sea and a stop for swimming in the crystal-clear waters teeming with fish. Departing from the port of Aci Trezza, you’ll sail towards Ognina, circumnavigate the Faraglioni, pass by the Norman castle of Aci Castello and the caves of Ulysses, and on the return journey, you’ll have time for a refreshing swim. The onboard team will entertain you with their stories and provide historical and cultural information about the surrounding environment.

Two paddle strokes in a canoe for adventurous spirits

If you have an adventurous spirit and venturing into the hidden corners of Aci Trezza on your own doesn’t scare you, you can rent a canoe along the promenade for just a few euros and reach the Faraglioni of Acitrezza – also known as the Cyclops Islands – to discover the natural beauty of the Sicilian territory. After taking a swim in the part of the nature reserve, we recommend anchoring the canoe to a rock and climbing onto a sea stack to admire the wonderful panorama it offers. After a few dives, you can move to Lachea Island to do some snorkeling and admire the flora and fauna present on the island. Thanks to the support of our front office, renting a canoe in Acitrezza is easy and very convenient. It’s ideal for spending a few hours relaxing on the Catania coastline and admiring the splendid natural wonders of the Etna territory created by the Etna volcano.

And a daily trip in Noto and Taormina

If you prefer to stay on solid ground, you’ll certainly enjoy a daily trip among the pearls of eastern Sicily. We suggest being enchanted by Noto and Taormina, two jewels of rare beauty with architectural structures and monuments that are absolutely noteworthy. In Noto, you can admire the city built after the terrible earthquake of 1693 and the magnificent Baroque architecture lining Corso Vittorio Emanuele, which will lead you to discover the wonderful “stone garden.” During your stroll in this UNESCO World Heritage site, you can visit elegant buildings such as Palazzo Ducezio, the Cathedral of San Nicola, and the beautiful balconies of Palazzo Nicolaci.

Taormina is a world apart, an enchanted place where silence and tranquility reign, and where you feel like you’re on vacation all year round. Its historic center is a succession of characteristic alleyways filled with boutiques, restaurants, squares with magnificent sea views, colorful gardens, and countless postcard-perfect vistas. Renowned for its Ancient Theater, a majestic Greco-Roman construction still in use today, Taormina is characterized by cliffs that descend to the sea, forming coves with sandy beaches. A narrow strip of sand connects them to Isola Bella, a small nature reserve that equally fascinates tourists and locals. At the Grand Hotel Faraglioni, the choice is yours! It’s up to you to decide where to start.